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Sarena Clinic provides premium private specialist healthcare and concierge GP services with a focus on pro-active, holistic and preventive medicine.

Science for better Medicine and a long & healthy Life

Healthy ageing and a focus on preventing diseases throughout life are at core of our approach. We believe the combination of technology, diagnostic insights and new function-promoting therapies have the potential to radically improve and lengthen our lives. This modern approach to healthcare is powered by deep biomarkers of ageing and wellness, and is a fast-emerging field. Modern advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, wearables, biomarkers and therapy development have produced numerous tools for early diagnostics and prevention of diseases, but remain largely unknown to the a large part of the medical community. It takes 17 years on average for a medical innovations to reach a patient in a mainstream healthcare (disease management) setting. We aim to shorten this time and bring the most modern medicine to our patients with an emphasis on human connection and holistic care. Longevity medicine is advanced personalised preventive medicine defined by 4Ps:

Longevity Medicine based on P4 Medicine Principles

If you have an acute health issue, we will help you with our interdisciplinary team of specialists. After that our focus is on preventing you from getting sick. Most diseases, especially very common ones such as stroke, heart attacks, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and type-2-diabetes can be prevented with the right interventions. As Einstein said: Intellectuals solve problems, geniueses prevent them. To keep you healthy mentally and physically over your lifetime, we can employ a wide range of interventions. 


We can estimate a patient's health trajectory by gathering data and being very proactive with our health-care approach. This way we can achieve long and healthy lives (healthspan). 

Everybody is different, sometimes very different. Studies have shown that even monozygotic twins (same genes) can have very different heath outcomes and need personalised care. The latest scientific research has shown that people react very differently to different medications and interventions. Everybody also has a different lifestyle and preferences, something that we take into account at Sarena Clinic.

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