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Sarena Clinic provides premium private specialist healthcare and concierge GP services with a focus on pro-active, holistic and preventive medicine.


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Longevity Medicine

Preventive Medicine & longevity medicine

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Sarena offers deep clinical & scientific expertise and personalised medicine services. Longevity medicine aim to slow down ageing processes in the body and help with regeneration of damaged and old cells. With technology and science, your health risks can be detected early and a data-driven personalised plan can be developed so you live longer and healthier.

Longevity medicine is advanced personalised preventive medicine powered by deep biomarkers of ageing and health, and is a fast-emerging field. It makes use of existing and new technologies, drugs and interventions to maintain optimal and fitness health over the lifespan.

Substances such as Metformin, Rapamycin (Rapamune, Sirolimus) and others are candidates as potential enhancers of healthspan (a long, healthy life).


Go beyond the traditional limits of weight management with advanced solutions from the health professionals at Sarena; Semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy, Tirzepatide, Mounjaro. Losing weight from the convenience of the home has never been so easy. Sarena provides medication delivery of customised treatments, nutrition and training advice. We have been providing weight control treatment and medication with advanced diagnostic testing and personalised plans for more than 10 years with great success.

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Health Screening for Early Identification Of Potential Health Issues.

Detect & Prevent Possible Health Concerns Early with MRI screening and comprehensive blood, saliva, urine and genetic tests. 

Whole Genome Sequencing with Annual Re-annotation Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the chemical compound that contains much of the “instruction manual” for the 37.3 trillion cells that make up your body. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is the process that defines the order of the four chemical building blocks that make up DNA—adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine—and whether this order represents a benign or potentially disease-causing mutation. Sequencing provides enormous amounts of information about the role of inheritance in your susceptibility to disease including single gene mutations that are associated with the development cancers, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, atrial fibrillation, and more.

Whole Genome Sequencing Evaluates: Current risk for disease Carrier status for conditions you may pass on to future generations Pharmacogenomic profile (your response/non-response to certain medications) Physical traits and attributes that can guide lifestyle decisions Future risk for disease based upon annual comparison of your genome with the growing genomic databases and the rapidly evolving body of research associated with on-going global discovery

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) MRI uses powerful computer technology to generate detailed images of your organs without the use of radiation. Sarena MRI protocols are uniquely beneficial because they employ proprietary software that produces contrast quality imaging without the injection of contrast media. This software aids in the early detection of cancer, cardiac disease, metabolic and neurodegenerative disease.


Detects many solid organ issues of the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. Increases the chances of early detection to optimise treatment and with certain cancers, can lead to life-long cures.


Generates detailed visualisation of the soft tissues and vessels of the brain enabling early intervention for structural, volumetric and vascular abnormalities including tumors, neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease) brain vessel narrowing or aneurysms. HEART Provides 3D structural and functional information about the heart, including left ventricle ejection fraction, heart wall motion and valvular evaluation for prevention and treatment of disease. 

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Responsible for over 50,000 deaths annually, colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. CRC usually begins as a growth (or polyp) that may or may not develop into cancer over time. Early detection and treatment are crucial to improve survival; however, many newly diagnosed patients suffer from advanced disease.

Sarena offers the first and only test that looks for both abnormal DNA and blood in stool.

Colonoscopy remains the gold standard for CRC screening. Yet this method is frequently met with patient aversion due to its required bowel preparation, sedation, and potential time away from work. Currently available noninvasive screening methods demonstrate lower sensitivity to detect early-stage CRC and high-risk precancerous lesions, including advanced adenomas, which are estimated to be a precursor in 95 percent of CRC cases.

Replacing the hormones such as Testosterone that our bodies stop producing over time is a key area of focus in longevity practice. Hormones play a variety of essential roles in many body functions, and having a hormone imbalance can greatly diminish your quality of life. People that have noticed gradual but significant changes after their last few birthdays may be experiencing an imbalance of hormones. If you’ve experienced weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, or the loss of interest and inability to enjoy sex, these could be signs that your body is no longer producing the hormones that it needs to function at its best. However, today’s advancements in medical technology allow us to combat these effects of ageing and enjoy life with a renewed vigour.


Our patients can find the best in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as therapies to improve heart health, thyroid health, the immune system, adrenal gland health, and vitamin optimisation. By treating such conditions as reduced oestrogen and progesterone levels in women and decreased testosterone levels in men , we provide customised treatments that can bring balance back to the body for a better quality of life.

With our international partners Sarena is able to provide the world’s most advanced genetic testing to look into your risks and make adjustments to your interventions and lifestyle to optimise your health. The Institute for Systems Biology, Oxford Nanopore and Genotypic, Phenome are part of Sarena Clinic’s international group of scientific excellence partners.

The heart beats about 2.5 billion times over the average lifetime, pushing millions of gallons of blood to every part of the body. This steady flow carries with it oxygen, fuel, hormones, other compounds, and a host of essential cells. It also whisks away the waste products of metabolism. A key problem is atherosclerosis. This is the accumulation of pockets of cholesterol-rich gunk inside the arteries. These pockets, called plaque, can limit blood flow through arteries that nourish the heart — the coronary arteries — and other arteries throughout the body. Lifestyle changes and medications can nip heart-harming trends, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, in the bud before they cause damage. And a variety of medications, operations, and devices can help support the heart if damage occurs.

Abnormal lipids (dyslipidemia) are defined as having one or more of the following: low HDL, high LDL, high triglycerides, or general elevation of plasma cholesterol. Its cause can be primary, secondary, or both.  Gene mutations resulting in overproduction or defective clearance of LDL or triglycerides are primary causes. Secondary causes include a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and/or over-consumption of alcohol or smoking; however, many diseases can be a secondary cause too, such as HIV/Aids, diabetes (the most significant secondary cause), kidney disease, liver disease, and hypothyroidism.  Dyslipidemia usually has no visible symptoms.  Often, medical issues typically manifest as a first symptom, if dyslipidemia is not identified with labs. Abnormal lipids are diagnosed via a routine lipid panel. A good indicator of arterial plaque development is a coronary artery calcium score, which can be ordered for a few hundred dollars without insurance and only takes minutes to complete. Every man over 30 should get this test. Chronic abnormal lipids can lead to coronary or peripheral artery disease and compound many other diseases.   Treatment can be preventative or direct treatment for the disease.  Treatment is leading a good lifestyle, including eating a good diet and getting regular, intense exercise, and likely a statin to reduce LDL. Other treatments target the specific type of dyslipidemia. For preventative care, it is not unreasonable for a man with an ldl greater than 100 mg/dL with genetic propensity for dyslipidemia to consider taking a low dose statin.

Preventing cancer

Between 30-50% of all cancer cases are preventable. Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer. Lifestyle factors and certain medication can help you to significantly reduce your risk of cancer during your lifetime.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can be very serious mental health conditions that can affect anyone at any time. They are both characterised by feelings of intense sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness, as well as physical symptoms like headaches, chest pain, and trouble sleeping. Treating your anxiety and depression from the convenience of the home has never been so easy! We provide at home delivery of customised treatments. We treat anxiety and depression with advanced personalised wellness plans designed to optimise your body and mind. Change your life by reaching out today!

Beauty is more than skin deep, and nutrition’s role in aesthetics is more evident today than ever. As the worlds of skincare, anti-aging, and aesthetic procedures merge with holistic living, optimal nutrition, and healthy supplementation, modern-day anti-aging now includes personalised nutrition.

We complement plastic and aesthetic surgeons with advanced regenerative and anti-aging interventions, from Botox to fillers and Exosome treatments.

Hair Growth doesn’t have to stop

Hair loss can affect more than just your hair line, it can affect your confidence and general wellbeing as well. That’s why Sarena is proud to offer the best available approved medications clinically proven to help grow hair and prevent and reverse hair loss. Get started with advanced hair restoration treatments from the hair loss specialists at Sarena today.

Reach Peak Athletic Performance and Muscle Health

Go beyond the traditional limits of muscle health and performance management with advanced solutions lifestyle and pharmacological from the health professionals at Sarena. Hormones and peptides are candidates to improve muscle health in elderly and young. Frail older adults are at increased risk of premature death and falls, with modern treatments bone and muscle strength can be improved.

Sarena provides health performance treatments and medications with advanced diagnostic testing and personalised plans. Contact our experienced specialists 24/7 today. We have certified sports & conditioning coaches, Crossfit-certified doctors and personal trainers on our team.

Rest and Recharge Again

Sleep deprivation has serious consequences for your health and safety. It can lead to sleepiness and fatigue, which can impair your judgment, slow your reflexes, and increase the likelihood of getting into an accident. Advancing your healthy lifestyle has never been so easy! We provide personalised treatments, at our clinic or your home. We treat sleep and fatigue disease with advanced diagnostic testing and personalised plans. Contact a knowledgable specialist 24/7. Talk to us!

Personalised nutrition uses factors about you as an individual to develop targeted nutrition recommendations for you. From intermittent fasting to high-protein diets and ketogenic diets, dietary supplements – we can recommend the most suitable and healthy diet for you. This is different to conventional nutrition advice that dieticians or nutritionists can provide. Our doctors are scientists and nutrition experts who can support you and your family in every aspect of nutrition.

We have seen over the years that our IV therapy can be a powerful tool in conjunction with other therapies to help the body recover from many health issues. Intravenous (IV) nutrition is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream, thus bypassing the digestive system. This can be a huge advantage as it brings vital nutrition directly to the organ systems of the body. When substances are given orally, they must be processed through the liver, stomach, and intestines. Many substances may be rendered inactive in the digestive tract, reduced in potency, or they may not be well absorbed due to poor intestinal function. By directly administering nutrients to the body via vitamin drip, higher than normal blood levels of particular nutrients can be achieved, which may boost the immune system and supplement deficiencies. These increased levels can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting deficiencies that may arise from a disease state.

Digestion & Constipation

Constipation and bloating are common and affect people of all ages. We can treat it with changes to your diet and lifestyle and personalised treatments. Contact us today so we can help you!

Fertility and sexual wellness.

Fertility issues, loss of libido, peri-menopausal issues or erectile dysfunction – Sarena has experts to help you to live a fulfilled and healthy life.

The main goals in treating high cholesterol are to lower your LDL levels, Triglycerides and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. We measure all advanced heart health markers such as Lipoprotein (a), ApoB etc.

Smarter Brain Health
Our cognitive function therapy is not limited to a certain age group. Regardless of your age, engaging in cognitive exercises can help improve your thinking skills and overall brain health. We provide contact-free delivery of precision treatments. We treat cognitive function with advanced diagnostic testing and personalised plans. To find out more information contact your wellness specialist or get started by contacting us today.

Sarena Clinic offers pre-travel immunisations, vaccinations, prophylaxis, counseling and medicines to help protect travellers while travelling internationally. We also provide care to travellers if needed upon their return.

Private GP services for all your healthcare needs. No more waiting for an appointment – our private GPs can see you the same day wherever you are in London- private, discreet and competent. All GP services seamlessly integrate with our anti aging and surgical services do you will be taken care of holistically by our team.

Our GPs also take care of you after our surgical interventions, in the privacy of your own home or wherever you feel comfortable.


Injuries happen, infections happen – you might need a quick prescription or a review from a specialist doctor who has more expertise than a GP. Sarena offers you immediate 24/7 access and private medication and prescription delivery within 2h in our hub cities for your whole family.

The process

Health Journey


We throughly establish your healthcare needs and requirements as a first step, depending on your goals, needs and lifestyle. ​

We specialise in preventive medicine. Contrary to conventional medicine, which is in essence reactive, our brand of healthcare begins before any symptoms are visible.

Data Collection

Sarena’s comprehensive data-driven health exam includes whole genome sequencing and update, whole body, brain and cardiac imaging, coronary calcium scoring, body composition, advanced blood biomarker analysis and wearables all of which can lead to pre-symptomatic diagnosis of cancer, cardiac disease, neurodegenerative and metabolic disease.

By analysing hundreds of biomarkers of your body’s unique data, we identify your risks and leverage. Using the latest diagnostic technology we collect your blood, genomic, epigenetic and lifestyle data to plan your intervention, treatment of prevention programme.


After analysing your data and test results our team discusses the data with you in great detail.

The specialists treat any potentially existing symptoms or health issues and then focuses on prevention and keeping you healthy.

Depending on the test results a personalised treatment and prevention plan is initiated with continuous, close doctor-patient interaction in person, via phone and telemedicine.

Long-Term Health

After your personalised medicine interventions have been initiated, Sarena and its world-class physicians and scientists provide an exceptional level of long-term support.

A leading-edge precision health care programme using today’s best technology to customise a program based on your data, so you can be proactive about your health and longevity.

Longevity medicine physicians provide routine and chronic care that relates to achieving health and wellness goals as well as focused primary and urgent care. You will benefit from our entire longevity precision medicine physician team including our sub-specialists, which include cardiology, endocrinology radiology, sports medicine, gynaecology, men’s health, genomics, nutrition and psychiatry.

SARENA Clinic Expertise


Longevity Medicine

Ageing isn’t one thing
With a revolutionary  biological age test developed by Elysium Health, now measures 10 different aspects of ageing using the latest generation technology in the science of epigenetics. With Index you’ll receive:
Biological age: the age your body is expected to perform or function.
Cumulative rate of ageing: the pace at which your body has been ageing.
System age scores: the biological age of nine different systems, including brain, heart, metabolic, and immune, for deeper insights into how you’ve been ageing.
Science-backed recommendations: evidence-based lifestyle recommendations you can use to adopt healthier habits.

Longevity research
Sarena works directly in research with the Aging Research Center and other science institutes.

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and precise

Through a unique combination of the latest science, genomics, sincere human interaction and premium service we can deliver next-level healthcare that is personalised and precise unlike anything you have experienced before.

It’s time to experience the most comprehensive data-driven healthcare.
Understand your body like never before with new system age scores. System ages reflect the biological ages of nine systems: brain, heart, metabolic, immune, inflammation, kidney, liver, hormone, and blood. Track these over time to understand how each system contributes to your overall long-term health and wellness.

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Precision Medicine

100 %

Longevity Medicine DIAGNOSTICS


Detection & Prediction

Sarena’s  proprietary programme that combines the power of data integration and diagnostic insight. It starts with a comprehensive array of advanced testing to collect your unique health data. Sarena’s experts then apply state-of-the-art diagnostics to reveal your current health picture that we act upon to help you attain your best health. 

Comprehensive Longevity Medicine Check-Up
The most comprehensive data-driven health exam that includes whole genome sequencing and update, whole body, brain and cardiac imaging, coronary calcium scoring, body composition, advanced blood biomarker analysis and wearables all of which can lead to pre-symptomatic diagnosis of cancer, cardiac disease, neurodegenerative and metabolic disease.

Understand your Body like never before
with new system age scores. System ages reflect the biological ages of nine systems: brain, heart, metabolic, immune, inflammation, kidney, liver, hormone, and blood. Track these over time to understand how each system contributes to your overall long-term health and wellness.Advanced Diagnostics:

Coronary Calcium Score* (CT)
Non-Contrast Cardiac CT assesses coronary artery health by detecting the location and extent of calcified plaque in the walls of your coronary arteries. It is a key factor used in the calculation of current and future cardiovascular risk.

Echocardiogram (Echo/Ultrasound)
Uses ultrasound to visualize and measure the size and shape of your heart, the pumping strength of the left ventricle (ejection fraction) and the real time opening and closing of heart valves. Can indicate the emergence of heart valve disease, left ventricular failure and thickening (hypertrophy) of heart muscle for treatment purposes.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Measures the pattern and wave of electrical energy that travels through the conduction system of the heart indicating whether the heartbeat is normal, slow, fast or irregular. Can also indicate heart muscle thickening or fatigue for clinical management.

Wireless Heart Rhythm
Cardiac monitor records up to two weeks of continuous heart rhythm activity. Information can aid in the detection and treatment of arrhythmias known to be a major cause of stroke.

Comprehensive Labs and Metabolic Analysis
Analysis and reporting of over 40 blood biomarkers testing for anaemia and iron status, liver and kidney function, insulin and glucose markers, cholesterol panel with particle size, inflammatory markers, hormones, heavy metals, and vitamin nutrient levels.

Insulin Sensitivity Testing
Insulin helps control the amounts of sugar (glucose) in the blood. With insulin resistance, cellular absorption of glucose is impaired and blood sugar levels rise. Treatment is then targeted to avoid progression to Type 2 diabetes.

Body Composition
Assessment precisely quantifies visceral fat (fat stored within the abdominal cavity) and thigh muscle composition. The ratio of fat to muscle may indicate a risk for metabolic syndrome which can lead to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

Dexa* (Dual X-ray absorptiometry)
Measures bone mineral density and bone strength. Assessment enables the treatment of osteoporosis to prevent fractures. 

Sensors & Wearables
Monitors for day to day health metrics. These could include continuous glucose monitors (CGM), sleep trackers, blood pressure monitors or others. With this data, Sarena’s experts can optimize areas of nutrition, sleep, diet, and exercise.

Multi Targeted Stool DNA Test
An approved colorectal screening kit for microbiome and cancer analysis, designed to provide an indication of the presence of cancer.

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